The Great Hall and Library

The Great Hall

Dating back to 1475, the Hall was the hub of the medieval castle.

30 paintings on loan from the National Gallery of Ireland
This is the most important collections of Jacobite portraits in their original setting – all are connected to the Talbot family of Malahide.

Receiving over 100,000 visitors from home and abroad each year, The Great Hall is an integral attraction for visitors.

Malahide Castle, and The Great Hall have played an important role throughout Irish history, surviving The Battle of the Boyne and penal laws. The Castle also offered military services during World War One where it was a mooring base for airships. Throughout history, The Great Hall would have held feasts and banquets for Lords and dignitaries and today, is a rare example of a Gaelic feasting room.

Today, the hall is home to one of the most important collections of Jacobite portraits, displayed in their original setting, and includes 31 portraits acquired by the National Gallery of Ireland.

The Great Hall at Malahide Castle is a hugely significant in Irish history, providing us with a rare example of a Gaelic feasting room.

The magnificent medieval castle has a 800 year history dating back to 1174.

This arched doorway leads to a mural stair named after the infamous former Castle jester Puck.

Doors in the 15th/16th Century were often very small as they were expensive. At that time Britain was building a huge number of ships and long straight timbers had become very difficult and expensive to buy. So builders had to make do with shorter timbers and shorter doors. Of course, small doors are loved by castle ghosts and we do of course have a ghost behind the little door in the Great Hall, the famous Mr. Puck!

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Puck’s Staircase

The Minstrels’ Gallery

Discreetly hidden from the guests below where musicians would play to entertain and beguile.

Rich with 18th century gilt leather wall hangings

This wing of the Castle dates to the 17th century. It contained the manuscripts of the Talbot family and the Botanical library of the plant collector the 7th Baron, Lord Milo.

The Library


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